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The Taijiang area was once an important salt producing area in Taiwan. Although the salt industry here is no more, precious industrial heritage can still be found, along with vast salt fields. Taijiang is also well known for its fishing industry that specializes in milkfish and oyster farming. This hands-on itinerary will allow you to experience salt farming, oyster farming, and visit fishing ports for a taste of local life from past to present.

Suitable for youths, and visitors of all ages.

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Taijiang National Park Headquarters
Taijiang National Park Headquarters
Salt Pan Eco Village
Salt Pan Eco Village-An Introduction to the Salt Farming Industry

Learn how early salters farmed, transported, and stored salt.

Taijiang Cetacean Museum
Salt Pan Eco Village-Taijiang Cetacean Museum

The Taijiang Cetacean Museum houses the largest and most intact sperm whale specimen museum in Southeast Asia.

Salt Pan Eco Village-Bird Museum

The Wild Bird Society of Tainan is responsible for the management of the museum and guided tours. The museum also screens video tours.

Sicao Artillery Fort
Sicao Dazhong Temple-Sicao Artillery Fort

The fort has witnessed the rule of the Qing dynasty and Japanese colonization. The cannon platforms and cannons are long gone, leaving behind the fortress walls.

Sicao Dazhong Temple-Dutch Burial Mound

The Dutch Burial Mound is situated behind the temple, and houses the remains of many Dutch warriors. The mound has been decorated with Dutch scenery, the God of the Sea, and the Goddess of Fortune.

Sicao Mangrove Green Tunnel
Sicao Dazhong Temple-Sicao Mangrove Green Tunnel

Glide along the river and admire ancient growths of lush mangrove trees such as Rhizophora stylosa, Kandelia obovata, Lumnitzera racemosa, Avicennia marina, Excoecaria agallocha, and Pittosporum formosanum..

Luermen River Estuary
Luermen River Estuary-Natural Defense of the Capital

Admire the gorgeous sunset and take a trip back in time at the spot where Koxinga successfully set foot on land.

Luermen Zhenmen Temple
Luermen River Estuary-Luermen Zhenmen Temple

Learn about the temple’s history and the unique Dutch door god (a guardian deity that bars evil spirits from passing through doors and into rooms).

Luermen Matsu Temple
Luermen Matsu Temple-The Legend of the Goddess Matsu

Learn about local beliefs, cultures, and places of worship.

Luermen Matsu Temple-Sinopec Japanese-style Dormitory

Admire the quaint beauty of an old settlement comprised of many Japanese-style dormitories, and take a trip back in time.

Anping-Delicious Local Foods

Oyster omelet, shrimp rolls, oyster rolls, shrimp wonton, shrimp crackers, bean curd, almond jelly, preserved fruits, etc.