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The Taijiang area was once an important salt producing area in Taiwan. Although the salt industry here is no more, precious industrial heritage can still be found, along with vast salt fields. Taijiang is also well known for its fishing industry that specializes in milkfish and oyster farming. This hands-on itinerary will allow you to experience salt farming, oyster farming, and visit fishing ports for a taste of local life from past to present.

Suitable for all ages.

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Taiwan Salt Museum
Taiwan Salt Museum-An Introduction to the Salt Farming Industry

Taiwan Salt Museum: The “History of Taiwan Salt Industries” exhibit on level two of the museum features an oral history exhibit area that streams recordings of a hundred people who share their recollections and experiences of working in Taiwan’s salt industry.

Qigu Salt Mountain
Taiwan Salt Museum-Qigu Salt Mountain

Taiyen (Taiwan Salt Company) bids farewell to conventional methods of salt farming, and preserves its last ‘salt mountain’ in memory of the salt farming industry’s old practice. The salt mountain has become a famous attraction in Qigu area, and is also the last remaining base of Qigu’s salt farming industry.

Salt Pan Landscape
Qigu Sea View Tower-Salt Pan Landscape

See salt farmers hard at work collecting salt from the salt pans and carrying them off to be stored.

Beautiful Qigu Lagoon
Qigu Sea View Tower-Beautiful Qigu Lagoon

Gaze down upon the beautiful lagoon from the Sea View Tower, and watch as the glorious sunset illuminates the lagoon surface dotted with floating oyster farms.

Lungshan Community-Lungshan Temple

Lungshan Temple’s magnificent architecture has been likened to that of a ‘royal palace’ by the locals. It is the religious center of the Lungshan Village community, which is located around the Qigu Lagoon area, and is devoted to deities such as the Chifu Royal Lord.

Lungshan Fishing Port
Lungshan Community-Lungshan Fishing Port

The Lungshan Fishing Port starts auctioning its catch of the day from as early as 6:30 each morning. Come here for a fresh stock of seafood.

Lungshan Community-Delicious Foods

Six Golden Treasures Feast: Dine on oysters, milkfish, tilapia, Asian hard clam, Chinese Venus clam, and white shrimp.

Mangrove Ecosystem
Hailiao Mangrove Birdwatching Pavilion-Mangrove Ecosystem

The Qigu Mangrove Forest Nature Reserve is mostly populated by Avicennia marina, and some Kandelia obovate. This estuary is rich in minerals and teams with life. Spot mudskippers, waterbirds, and local wildlife as they go about their daily activities.

Hailiao Mangrove Birdwatching Pavilion-Birdwatching

This lush mangrove forest is home to many egrets, and the government has erected a 3-storey high birdwatching pavilion for bird lovers to engage in birdwatching.

Nanwan Wharf-Fun Rafting
Nanwan Wharf-Fun Rafting

Hop on a raft and see the beauty of the lagoon and sandbars up close.

Guosheng Lighthouse
Qigu Guosheng Lighthouse-Guosheng Lighthouse

Visit the lighthouse that marks the Westernmost point of the main island of Taiwan.

Sand Bar Scenery
Qigu Guosheng Lighthouse-Sand Bar Scenery

Enjoy an up-close look at the windbreak forest and Mictyris (monk crab) scuttling around their natural habitat.